So you need a weather forecast?

You have a big day coming up - a wedding, holiday, birthday, festival - or just want to know what the chance of rain is next week.

We provide individually researched weather forecasts, for the UK and the world, up to 6 months ahead, written by a human.

Prices are from just £10, and include two free updated forecasts at a date of your choosing.

If we are wrong, and 100% accuracy is impossible - you can have a refund.

But we are good.

Please use the below form to ask any questions that you may have regarding this service.

Who Am I? That is a good question.
My name is James Winfield, and I have been running a successful local weather forecasting service for a few years.
I study computer model output several times a day and have done so for 10+ years. I issue weather forecasts based on this output, taking into account historical patterns, worldwide climate patterns and just my general feel.
I have a notable record of success, including predicting the July 2013 heatwave several months in advance (which came after 6 dreadful summers), the very wet winter of 2013/14, along with the mild start to winter 2015/16 and cold end.
Nobody can predict the weather every single time with 100% accuracy which is why I offer a fully-refundable service.

Weather Forecast

You have a question? If it isn't answered below, send us a message.

What does an example forecast look like?

Firstly I will advise the average conditions for the area and the period involved.

Next I will advise you of the likely weather conditions - this will involve a temperature range, percentage chance of rainfall and expected sunshine/cloud amounts, at the minimum. Where appropriate, I will advise the chances of snow, thunder, fog or any other weather condition that may impact. There will always be more detail in a forecast nearer the time - forecasts more than 7-10 days away will be fairly general.

Finally, I will advise a confidence level.

How much detail can you give several months in advance?

If you want me to tell you how much rain there will be on a particular day 4 months away, then I cannot do that. Nobody can do that.

However I can advise general expected conditions for that period, for example, I may issue you with a forecast stating "month X is likely to be wet and cool, therefore there is a high chance of rain or showers, with temperatures on the low side."

What are your typical accuracies for different times in the future?

Once the service has been running for one year, I will provide data on accuracy levels. I aim for 90% accuracy within 5 days, 80% accuracy between 6 and 14 days, 70% accuracy otherwise. Forecasting the weather is an imperfect science - which is why I offer a fully-refundable service.

How quickly will I receive my forecast?

As long as I am awake and near a computer, I should be able to provide it within 2-4 hours. There may be occasions where due to a lack of data or conflicting data, I ask you to allow more time for my research. Otherwise all forecasts will be provided within 48 hours.

How specific do I need to be with forecast location?

It is up to you. If you ask me for a forecast for France, then you will receive a general forecast covering the whole of France. Most people will want a forecast for a particular location, for an event or location that they are attending, in which case I ask if you can provide the name of the location and ideally the post-code/zip code.

What is your price range?

Prices are £10 for a forecast within the United Kingdom, £15 for a forecast within the European Union, £20 for a forecast in the rest of the world.

Why charge more for forecasts outside the UK?

It takes longer to research. Several times a day I am studying weather models for the UK in particular, so less research is required to produce a forecast for the UK.

Why should I pay for a human forecast when I can look online for free?

Most online forecasts are computer-generated and change with each set of data loaded, which can produce quite wildly different forecasts. There are various websites that will offer generalised country-wide seasonal forecasts for free with varying degrees of success. I provide a product specifically catered for your date and location, written by a human.

What makes you qualified to forecast?

I have studied weather models for over 10 years and have a good grasp of the likely outcomes from them. Check with my followers on my local weather forecasting page - many of them will confirm that my forecasts are accurate.

Where do you get your data/simulations from?

The main models I use are the GFS, ECM, UKMO and CFS models - though a variety of other country-specific models are used where appropriate.

When I am entitled to a refund?

As you are entitled to 2 free updated forecasts, the most recently issued forecast will be the forecast that is judged for accuracy.

In terms of accuracy, if I forecasted rain and it was dry, that is inaccurate and eligible for a refund. If I forecast warm sunshine and it is cloudy, that is inaccurate and eligible for a refund. If I forecast sunshine and average temperatures, and you get sunshine but temperatures are slightly above average, then I'm calling that close to accurate and no refund will be eligible. Reputation means everything so I will always be fair.

How long do I have to claim a refund?

Refunds must be claimed within 14 days of the forecast date. Where the forecast requested was for a period, that will apply 14 days from the last date of the period.

I need a weather forecast!